Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebration Fridays - Same Old Same Old

Maintaining Balance... 

You may not have noticed, but Alan and I live a life of constant change, if not outright chaos.  In the last year alone, we've moved twice and held five jobs between us. 

And that is so not unusual.

Lately, though, things have been pretty settled.  Calm.  Peaceful even.

And it feels mighty strange, I can tell you!

It's at about this point, historically (and after 26 years of wedded bliss, I think I get to use that term) that one or other of us comes up with a Bright Idea.  Or starts running in circles, rending our garments and screaming, "I'M TRAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I've just asked Alan if he has any Bright Ideas and he said, "Nope."  And far from running in circles, he's in the kitchen, cooking something.

And I'm here doing this, so the peace remains unbroken.

I figure, if I can get used to travelling in Africa, or ordering my meals in French, I might just be able to get used to life in the Land of Calm.

How about you?  Anything new in your life that you never thought you'd welcome?


Vintage Indie said...

Try homeschooling! I'll be starting my first year this August with my two sons.

Just stopping by to say hello!

Have a great weekend,

Barb said...

Thanks, Gabreial! Homeschooling sounds like a great adventure. Of course, so does raising a family...;)

Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!