Monday, July 6, 2009

Etsy Mondays

After a ridiculously cold May and June, we're finally getting some warm weather around here.  That and the new deck that we're getting built this week has me thinking, PICNIC!!!

Now, admittedly walking three steps from the kitchen to the back deck isn't likely to put me in danger of having my food go off, but with a picnic bag as pretty as this, why not be extra careful!

Insulated and Pretty!


Not that my table needs protection, but, once again - Pretty!



And how cool is this?  Wine glasses made from recycled wine bottles! 

All I ever do with mine is take them back for the deposit...

Very Cool


You want to see the deck, you say?  How kind of you to ask!

I'll post pictures when it's all done!



alhnom said...

hi barb, i chanced upon ur blog and i think it's really cool with loads of great ideas! like the invisible bookshelf and this recycled-wine-bottle-glasses! did u buy them or DIY-ed them?

Barb said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I DIY-ed the bookshelves. Can't take credit for the wineglasses, though... :)