Thursday, July 30, 2009

Really Versatile Furniture

Really Versatile Furniture

I think the key to successful small-space living is having a couple of pieces of furniture that do more than their share of the workload.

This buffet is just such a piece.  Alan and I bought it at an antique shop over twenty years ago for our first B&B.  Then when we moved out of town, it lived in my parents' dining room for many years.

My mother decided to clear out some clutter, realized she didn't need that much storage and gave it to my brother and his wife.  When they redid their kitchen a couple of years ago, after their kids were grown, it was no longer needed.

It's come full circle now and is resting in the hallway of our apartment, where it works as serving space for big parties as well as holding platters, cutlery, bathmats, spare bedding and the winter woollies.

Whew!  It works harder than I do!  Which, after all, is what good furniture should do.  Remember, your home should support you.


Lynn said...

It *is* lovely! I am gradually replacing all of my MDF bookcases with wooden ones. I have found a small antique shop that imports from Scotland and now have three glass-fronted bookcases. In June I put a lovely armoire on layaway. It will be paid off in two more weeks, woohoo!

Barb said...

Oh, how wonderful!

Real wood furniture is so much nicer, even when it starts to show signs of age.

Thanks Lynn!