Sunday, June 10, 2007

A New Use For Old Windows

When life got a little complicated a few years back, my husband and I bought one of those huge two-months-at-a-glance erasable calendars.
I love the thing. We fill it up with all of our appointments and dates to remember and at the end of the month, we get to wipe it all off and start fresh.

There's not much room on it for shopping lists and "don't forget to drop the keys with the neighbours" notes, though. So when I saw a framed glass whiteboard in a catalogue, it started me thinking.

Old windows are a fairly common find on the second-hand market. When you have one, decide which side will be the front. On the back of the glass, paint a coat of high-adhesion primer (see "A Great Product" June 4, 2007). Then add a couple of coats of white paint.

Refinish the frame if you like, or leave it rough. You can add a wire for hanging or just prop it on a desk. The glass makes a very smooth erasable surface.

Organization never looked so good!

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