Friday, June 8, 2007

Those Retired Aluminum Pots

Concerns about the safety of food cooked in aluminum pots hit the news a few years back and since then, they've been turning up in auctions and thrift shops in huge numbers.

I love the dull silver sheen of old aluminum. I think it looks quite pretty.

This pot was probably used as a rice steamer. It has a nice shape, isn't very big and, as an added bonus, it still has its lid (not always the case with cookware). So I'm thinking on a dresser, in a bedroom or hallway, to hold all those necessities you take with you when you leave the house - keys, coins, cell phone... Pop the lid on and it all looks tidy.

It could alse hold make-up on a bathroom counter, if you don't have a huge collection.

If it didn't have its lid, I might put it beside the kitchen sink to hold scrubbies. It makes a change from those wide-mouthed ceramic frogs.

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Miss dar said...

I have found some interesting shaped pots that I also use to " hide " things in . I wouldn't want to cook in them but they do look pretty sitting on a counter. Here's to great ideas...