Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Less Attitude, More Support!

When we moved into our current place, the kitchen needed more storage than it had.

All of our budget went into setting up the bakery downstairs, so I was very pleased to find an old workbench in the basement.

It served us well, for over two years, as both storage and an extra counter.

But time has not been good to it. I don't know if we just loaded it up with too much stuff (entirely possible) or if the frequent truck traffic down the highway caused the problem, but it developed an attitude, a definite lean. Before it could get any worse, or actually give up, we decided to trade it for something a little more sturdy.

The pine chest is an old family heirloom, out of one or other of the convents my aunt has lived in. The lovely piece on the right was from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I had intended it for the shop but...

I really like the new arrangement. Not only are the appliances available at a moment's notice (and off the work counter), but we now have closed-in storage. It makes the place look about a million percent tidier and it keeps our stuff so much cleaner.

Total cost? Fifteen bucks!

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kimmomofseven said...

Love it!!!

Sondra said...

Both pieces are great! My Restore is not that fun!! Darn!

kimmomofseven said...

again, love it...but after thinking about it a bit, how will little hands get into all of your 'stuff' now?

Put down the knife...

Barb McMahon said...

Sondra - on my last trip to the ReStore I came home almost empty-handed. I guess it's the thrill of the hunt.

And Kim - we still have the glassware on low shelves. Little hands will not be bored!