Friday, November 30, 2007

The Glamourous Life

There are times I envy people who dress up for work. Never, I need to point out, first thing in the morning, when it's a struggle to pull a sweatshirt on over my jammies, but, y'know, sometimes. Tuesday, for instance.

We avoided it as long as we could, but in every renovation comes the day that we have to make the dreaded trip to Home Depot.

The thought process goes like this: Can we make-do/fix it up? No? Can we get a replacement at the Habitat ReStore? No? Can we get what we need at the local Home Hardware? No?

Then we hit the highway and head for the nearest Big Box.

Tuesday was the day. The night before, Alan suggested that if we went to the one in London, he could continue his search for a decent winter coat (it's been twelve years since he bought the last one - the man was due).

This seemed like a very responsible combination of errands. So early that morning, we headed off. Found the few pieces we needed at Home Depot quickly and easily. They even helped us get the bathroom sink on our cart!!!

Then we headed to the mall for Coat Quest. I try not to be the hovering wife and, frankly, the man is perfectly capable of trying on coats all by himself. This leaves me time to browse. Which is dangerous.

I found a skirt. A really pretty, really dressy skirt. But we weren't looking for skirts and Alan was still coatless. So I left it behind. Did I mention it was half price?!! And I have events coming up at which this exact skirt would be perfect?!!!?!

Then he found his coat and flush with that success, we decided that Barb should try on the skirt. It took a couple of tries, but we managed to find the relevant store again (no mean feat, believe me!).

I knew it was going to fit. I knew it was going to look lovely. I picked it up and wafted into the dressing room where I caught sight of myself in the mirror. And that's when it hit me: I was dressed to go shopping at the Home Depot.

'Cuz, in the words of the great Will Smith in the first MIB, "Dayam!"

I bought the skirt. It looks great. I'm never going out in public again.

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