Thursday, November 29, 2007

My First Guest Post!

It's an exciting day here at the May December Home blog! Steve Stack from It Is Just You, Everything's Not Shit has agreed to do a guest post as part of his virtual book tour for the book of the same name.

So, while you welcome Steve, I'm going to wander off and have a cup of tea....

Barb gave me a challenge. I was welcome to write a guest blog post about my book, It Is Just You Everything's Not Shit, but I had to make it fit in with the blog's home decor/environmental theme. Hmmm. I quickly picked up a copy of the book and flicked through. Did I write any entries that would fit the bill?

There is a piece on Old Buildings, how they seem to vibrate with the history that resides in their bricks and mortar. No hang on, that won't do. If it was about decorating old buildings then I might get away with it.

What next? Window boxes. Do they count? I am guessing not, surely they count as gardening, and anyway they are on the outside of the house. I just like the way that even if you have no green space in which to grow things you can still surround your home with nature's colour.

There are lots of things that take place inside the house. Reading in the bath. Reading on the loo. Breakfast in bed. A nice cup of tea and a sit down. But none of them feel right.

What I was trying to do with my book was to list a whole range of wonderful things that weren't too schmaltzy but which were able to remind people that life is pretty damn great most of the time. I now realise that I have completely ignored the home decor and junk reclamation category. I have failed. What can I say?

Don't let that put you off the book though. Buy lots for your grumpy friends and relatives to cheer them up! Thanks for taking over Steve! I'm feeling better now.

And, really, I think your book fits in perfectly with the philosophy of this blog. Because, while, yes, I do write about paint and furniture and fixing things up, I do occasionally admit, as I did here, that much of the time what's needed is more a new way of looking at things than new things to look at.

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