Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks Unclutterer!


I want to send out a special thank you to the lovely folks at Unclutterer for choosing my home office as their Workspace of the Week.  It's such a thrill to see my space on your great site!

And if you've come over here from there - Welcome!  I hope you'll take a look around, test out the links, leave me a friendly comment and introduce yourself!

Other than that, have a great weekend, everyone!



Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Well of course they chose you, what a lovely space you have!


And, happy happy weekend to you!


Barb McMahon said...

Thanks Melissa!

What Now? said...

I came here via Unclutterer, and I'm so glad I did! I've managed to postpone grading ever so many papers by reading through your archives. Plus I've been inspired by all of your home renovation photos and stories, especially since my partner and I are closing on our new house this Friday, and there will be renovations awaiting us. Thanks, and I'll be reading regularly.

Barb McMahon said...

That's exciting! Good luck with it all! (now get back to work before the Unclutterer folks find out...);)